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Your privacy and the Real Estate Transaction

Privacy Broshure

Protecting your privacy: it’s our business ​ Please click on the PDF to the left to learn of all the benefits when using our site & our Real Estate Agents. We keep your information private.

Required documents and information (Rental)

The following is required for each applicant over the age of 18

1. Full Credit Report:

Free Report – How To Guide Below 

Equifax Credit Report Guide

2. Employment Letter Stating and/or Proof of Income:

a. Yearly income

b. Phone number of HR or manager or president of the company

c. Position the employee holds

d. The company address

c. Start date of the employee

Proof of income:

Pay Stubs


Disability Income

Support Payments

Any other form of income


For Self Employed Individuals:

NOA Line 150 will be used as your income (T4’s may be considered at the discretion of the landlord)

3. Photo ID any one option:

a. Drivers Licence

b. PR Card

c. Passport

4. Rental Application:

410 - Rental Application - Residential

Please click on the PDF to the left to fill out a Rental Application Form.

5. Guarantor(s) Requirements:


  • a. Submission of all documents
  • b. Minimum provable Income of $75,000.00 (NOA if self-employed)
  • c. Equifax/TransUnion credit report of a minimum beacon score of 700

6. Additional Supporting

Documents: (recommended)









Please provide your three most recent bank statements to demonstrate that you are actively using your bank account with incoming deposits and outgoing payments.







Please provide your two most recent pay stubs to prove that you are earning an income, which can be used to make your rental payments.


Why choose us?

Mission – To get every qualified tenant accommodations that meet their needs. We achieve this by setting the highest standards in the quality of service to our clients through communication, accountability, honesty, reliability, and innovation. 

Value – We have built up knowledge, expertise and maintained skills overall operations translating into long-term stability and value for our clients. Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and we are continually raising the bar in providing the highest standards of service.

*This requirement is only for Landlords beings represented by, not any other team or brokerage.

** reserves the right to refuse services to anyone not providing all documents required herein.