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  • Fully Digital Brokerage with a Brick and Mortar Head Office location.
  • Hands-on personal training with our Broker of Record
  • Expertise in up-to-date software and technology
  • Role Play, Script Teachings, Farm Area Strategies 
  • Targeted Marketing Strategy Both online and in print
  • Assistance with an understanding of forms and legislation
  • Office space available 
  • Commission plans Up to 100% 
  • The sale deal fee is $199 
  • The lease deal fee is $99 
  • Free DocuSign Signing Platform for All Real Estate Agents
  • Free Professionally Designed Business Cards and For Sale Sign with first Listing.
  • We also offer custom-designed, lead Generating websites built just for you the way you want. Take a look at a few options below by clicking the links.

Nathaniel Chim

Cathy Dou

Eli Gililov




*Website prices vary. Please enquire for further details must be Real Estate Agent to qualify*

Cathy Dou - Chief Financial Officer & Real Estate Agent

” Never get lost in the shuffle again. Jay’s approach is truly game-changing. He encourages through unrestricted teaching methods inspiring while answering questions directly relevant to you or your transaction.

Jay Frenkel - Broker of Record

” We are always looking for top talent in all major cities of Ontario. Whether you are just beginning to make a name in the real estate world or you are an experienced veteran looking to shake things up a little, we would love to get to know you more.

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Preferred time for an appointment with our the Broker of Record